Lip Wrap / Air Hug / Energy Exchange


HD video

2 min.

she walks in a street
she feels lonely a little bit
she wants to be included by something
but it seems difficult to find someone
is there an activity that exchanging energy
similar with sex but not too much as it?
more sanitary, much safer, less physical
the emotion is sincere
it is her modest desire
she wishes she could get into ecstasy by air breezing

she texts in her room
“send me air hug through the chat app”
cute stickers provide her intangible greeting
a bear and a rabbit are hugging tight
seems kissing each other hard enough
she may sleep well because she got it
someone received her message and replied satisfaction of treated as human
then sending back a different version of animals this humble communication is signal out of passion

she wants to kiss to a person
but probably too meaty touching two lips
is there a condom for kissing?
making it milder and less attached?
it should look like an accessary
even makes her more gorgeous
would be transparent like plastic wrap
it covers all the inconvenient things come out
from our oral hole
her tongue moves as if to bring out the words
but her awkwardness is muted by a new artificial skin


Installation view of New “Artists Today” Exhibition 2020 Space of Rebirth at Yokohama Civic Art Gallery

Photo: Ken Kato