monitor, speaker

177.0 x 297.0 x 15.5 cm

8 min.

” finushi’s means of expression have developed from drawings to novels, performances, and videos, and in recent years, she freely combines the mediums according to the subject matter. What her works share in common is a sense of time. This work captures the fading light and color at dusk. While dealing with essential elements of painting light and color, by supplementing a person’s narration, the flow of time becomes clear, and the element of a story is added there.

The narration could be someone talking to oneself or perhaps it is someone chatting intimately to someone else. By describing the movements of the speaker’s/ videographer’s viewpoints, it alludes to the act of viewing. It seems to be saying, to look at a work is to re-experience another person’s viewpoint, and at the same time, to experience the impossibility of integrating into another person. Yet, it is the rupture between the two that supports the abundance of interpretations and richness of the world. Jinushi blesses all the people that share the time, i.e., the magic hour, standing in front of her work. ”

Akai Azumi


Tottori Prefectural Museum