Big Mouth, Small Hands or Small Mouth, Big Hands

HD video
20 min.

“Big Mouth, Small Hands or Small Mouth, Big Hands” is the experimental audio-visual approach of a poetic vision in the future of Tokyo. There are three parallel narratives which are not directly connected.
* Scene 1: A man is speaking alone in a dark room.
* Scene 2: A Chinese novelist living in Tokyo is writing a novel about the future of Tokyo. She is making an idea of the future through imaging her son fictionally.
* Scene 3: A man is driving with a woman at night. Inside the car, while it is out of the lights, they change there appearances, alternating old and young.

Written and directed by Maiko Jinushi
Cinematographer Masahiro Hamaguchi
Camera operator (Driving part) Maiko Jinushi
Electrician Masahiro Hamaguchi
Boom operator Takuro Kochi, Naoki Yoshimoto
Edited by Maiko Jinushi

A Man Speaking Takehito Kinoshita
Li Lu Du Keke
Young Man Yusuke Yamada
Young Woman Jihee Lee
Man Kiyoshi Nishikura
Woman Ryoko Kimura
Editor (Voice) Kimiko Naito