The Sound of a Horse Approaching

Four-channel video installation
82 min.

“The Sound of a Horse Approaching” is a four-channel video installation which is an adaptation of my public video recording under the same title. In the public video recording, I interview a drummer with five topics related to horses, and let her reproduce a horse sound with her drums. The topics are “work”, “male (or gender)”, “war”, “real horses” and a question “if the sound is not horse hooves’, what sound is this?”

Based on the public video recording, I re-construct this work as a four-channel video installation. I set four screens on the spots where spectators cannot see all angles at the same time. The spectators can walk around the installation to see different angles.

Drummer Erika Kikukawa
Director, camera operator Maiko Jinushi
Second camera operator Reiji Saito
Electrician Masahiro Hamaguchi
Assistant director Akira Takaishi