Silver Factories on 53rd Street

Video installation
3ch projection, 3 media players, aluminum foil, tripod, digital display, trash can
Dimensions variable


Silver Factories on 53rd Street is a video installation inspired by art and music history about two corners on 53rd street, 5th and 6th avenue in New York.
In New York, the streets and avenues are set out neatly in a grid, so people indicate a certain location with a crossover point.

On the corner of 5th avenue and 53rd street, there is an UNIQLO store which is officially supporting MoMA recent years.
The UNIQLO displays their products by repetition on silver walls, and their advertisement poster shows a portrait of Andy Warhol who is one of the figure of New York art history.
A caption of the poster is “The Silver Factory”. Probably UNIQLO refers to Warhol’s Factory for making their brand image, and uses the concept for interior design of the store.

On 6th avenue and 53rd street, the next corner of the UNIQLO, there is a popular halal food stand run by immigrants.
They sell kebab and wrap it with aluminum foil.
I found a crumpled piece of foil was dancing in the corner.
In the 60s, when Warhol was the star in New York, Moondog was performing at the same corner.
Moondog chose living as a street musician, mostly stood here, and played music or sold his poems beside pedestrians.

Between each corners on 53rd street, the building of MoMA rises symbolically.