Where Are We Going (After We Die) ? – Chapter 1: A Cemetery in Tokyo

HD video
18 min.

Where Are We Going (After We Die)? is

a video installation that deals with the theme of what happens after death in contemporary Japanese society, where Jinushi was born and has lived for many years.
She films her family grave in Fukushima, graves in Tokyo that are in the process of being exhumed because their rental period has expired, Muslim cemeteries in Japan, and the graves of Korean victims who perished in Nagasaki during WWII.
Jinushi is particularly interested in the graves of those whose stories are not spoken of in Japan,
which remains nationally committed to
monoethnic mythologies.

- Chapter 1 | A Cemetery in Tokyo | 18 min -

The Yanaka cemetery is one of the oldest public cemeteries located in Tokyo’s most traditional district. Although it has older historical graves, here the camera captures graves that are in the process of being removed by a power shovel. They are exhumed due to the fact that their rental period has expired and no family members have committed themselves to paying the yearly maintenance fee. This removal has gradually started after 2000, and the change of the cemetery reflects an aging society.